Here is a small demonstration of an image carousel.
Well, this remains an example like any other.

WARNING: to integrate the carousel, I use the webview component, so you must have a pro package for this to work in publication !!!

YC Link


How do you change the caption?

The legend ???
ah uhmmm ‘caption xx’ ???

I added a parameter for the captions of the images.



This is awesome. Thank you for your contributions.

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@Mark the image carousel should work like this (natively) in my option. The text disappears to quickly for people to recognize that it is a carousel.

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hello @Krivo
Just out of curiosity what does your carousel look like?

I always have to use CSS to style it (making the tag 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 etc always show).

@Manu.n i have implemented a solution using cloudinary to put an overlay on the image

But I would much prefer not to do tricks to obtain what I consider a basic functionality

@ThinhDinh would you mind sharing the code? Thx👍

It’s here :wink: