Image carousel in conjunction with Cloudinary


At the Community Meetup June 2, 2020, I presented how to setup an image carousel in conjunction with Cloudinary.

The goal was the following:

  • Image carousel to show a panorama image
  • Cloudinary to deliver the carousel images
  • Cloudinary to resize the original image for fast loading
  • Each image in carousel should be ”square” size

Presentation - and documentation

If you are copying the app and doing experiments with Cloudinary yourself then please use your own cloudinary account. Thanks :slight_smile:

NB: Since the presentation yesterday Glide fixed two identified bugs !!


Damn, I’m sorry I missed this!
I’ll check out your presentation.

Well done! Bookmarking this for later! Thanks for putting in the legwork.

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Excellent work…thanks for demo app too, brings the concept to life…I will be incorporating this in future apps for sure

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Wow, I don’t work with Cloudinary, but after that, I’m definitely rethinking! Great job!

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Excellent work @Krivo, really really :clap:t2:

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@Krivo’s smooth carousel is a beautiful Cloudinary use case. I’ll be using it as well, thanks for showing us.

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