Dynamically update restaurant menu

Hi folks,

Today I’d like to show you my latest app, which will be available for copy.

My client wants to have a solution that gives him the ability to dynamically update restaurant menus in seconds, and Cloudinary came to the rescue again.

It’s a bit of a “crossover episode” between @Krivo’s Cloudinary panorama app, and @eltintero’s restaurant app: https://paititi.glideapp.io/

It’s a very simple concept. Only one “home” tab with a logo and a welcome message, then a huge image vertically to show the menus available. When customers come to the restaurant, they will be showed this and then click the menu they want to see. The menu images will be designed by the restaurant themselves, but if you want to adopt this idea you can also use the options inside Glide to make your own menu layout.

Here’s the link to the instructions to “activate” the app yourselves.

Here’s a video of how it works:

Here’s the link to the app (it’s public so I have to make it password-protected for the showcase, you can copy it to play around yourselves).


Pretty cool.
Will be extremely useful for admins who don’t want to work with Google Sheets at all.

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@ThinhDinh I like it - a lot :slight_smile: Interesting way of doing an admin for setting up the layout of the app. Haven’t thought about that. And also very fun to see the images spilt into vertical pieces instead of horizontal for the image carousel. I will think of ways to utilize this. Thanks for sharing :+1:

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Thanks @Krivo ! Actually I thought of a further step in the single images menu. I don’t know if it can be done with CSS, might need @Christophe_HK’s opinion on this.

So instead of making images for the menus, can we have a tab that is fully filled by a background image, then we add items on it using the layouts by Glide? In that way it can be dynamically update instead of having to re-design the image when we have a new dish or want to remove one.

I thought of doing it in Cloudinary but I don’t know if we can add multiple layers using a fetch action. @Robert_Petitto taught us about using fetch and I have been using it for a while (Thanks Robert!) but when it comes to multiple fetch layers (for multiple dishes) like this case I don’t know if it can be done.

Thank you guys for any input on this case.

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Yes, you can fetch multiple images. You can add multiple l_fetch: parameters to manipulate

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Thanks a lot Robert!

Here’s the link that mentions overlaying fetched images if you need it.

Beautiful work

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Hey @ThinhDinh,

This is awesome!

Regarding changing the image, I am afraid it won’t be possible using CSS. We can change style of existing HTML classes, but I think we can’t change data. I will have a look and will let you know!

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Wow! mesmerizing stuff! Was transfixed for a fleeting moment!

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next level!

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