Experiencing multiple bugs lately

One of the main issues that I am experiencing is, my inline list is not showing me all items from the sheet on the front end. It only shows me just ONE ITEM. However, on the backend, it shows me all the items.

Submitted tickets but no positive response.

And I am also facing this issue since 36 hours now.

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[quote=“Special Values in Form screen Crash/Not Working [Glide Pages], post:1, topic:46345”]
he edit screen (on the right side) crashes i.e. becomes dark and does not change until the browser page is refreshed.

I am having this issue – although I see a completely white screen – not dark. Refresh does not help. I have to exit the app and re-enter it. Several times it took up to 5 minutes for the app to re-load. This is a very simple app with 3 tables and two forms (each table has fewer than 10 rows).

This screen pointed to a multiple relation column right? Like this : Final result different from what is presented during application development , Showing in editor but not in published App , Data not loading

This seems like a bug! Because it’s working in the editor but not on the live app! Santiago ( @SantiagoPerez ) are you able to reproduce this on your end? ( sorry for tagging you again :slightly_smiling_face: ) And also Submitting a ticket will be great too so that Glide Team will notice ( I believe they have noticed this already and working on a fix! :muscle: ) this and make a quick fix!

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Already submitted a ticket. Hope they get it fixed very soon.

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This bug has been fixed by the Glide team.

However, I am seeing a lot of Glideapp bugs lately on the Community. What is causing these bugs? Is there an new update coming or is there something else? Never seen so many bug posts at once before.

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