Final result different from what is presented during application development

Expected result (what is displayed in edit mode) : [1st image]

Result obtained when accessing the application: [2nd image]

A bit of context:
I have two tables, one called “channels” and one called “channel pages”. In the “channels” table I created a column and made the following relationship (3rd image)
Then, in the details of each item in the “channels” table, add a button with the following action (4th image)
And this is where the problem arises, when testing the application in the editing mode it works as expected (1st image) however after publishing the project, when I access the application via the link (regardless of the platform) only 1 item is presented to me (2nd image), where it was expected to present 2.

If anyone knows a solution please let me know.

By the way, I apologize if my English is not the best, it is not my native language.

Hi @DarK,

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I guess same issue? : Data not loading - #8 by Dilon_Perera

Thank you

Thanks for the quick response, yes by doing the same process I can make all the items appear however it makes it impossible to do a search or see the favourites…

You mean you can see the favorites and can’t search for item? Is it possible to explain this a little bit?

I apologize in advance if my English is not the best.
My problem is the same as the one you indicated, however the given solution makes it impossible to have a search bar or a favorites tab.


I think you can always have the favorites tab as long as you point the “show new screen” action to a relation, right?

Search is easier, it’s available for inline lists as well as list-style layouts.

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If I do what you say, it won’t allow me to add or remove components… returning the initial error

Oh I see! Yes they are going but you can enable the search in the inline list like Thinh mentioned!

For the favorites you need to build a one :dotted_line_face:

But I think pointing the row to the multiple relation column should show the values because it is in the builder! Maybe Santiago ( @SantiagoPerez ) can help here? ( Sorry for tagging you every-time Santiago :slightly_smiling_face: ) And @DarK I think Submitting a support will be good too! : Form


Yes Thinh! But that’s the issue here because it’s all good in the builder but not in live.

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Yeah, seems like a bug in recent days.