Glide built in search (classic vs apps)

What does the new search bar in apps search?
Seems to me its different than classic and looks at basic columns of the table

I have 2 tables, Orders & Items. Related together using the order number.

In the Orders tab, if I search for an item name the search bar returns 0 results

On another tab i have a similar relation between another 2 tables. Shop & Item.
When i search for an item name in the shops tab, i get the right results

any idea how it actually functions?

So both tabs have a collection pointing towards the relationship and not the table?

both tabs have a collection pointing towards the relationship yes.

What Ive found is that if youre displaying a details view, it only looks at the columns that are displayed. As an example, I added a column called “tags” and put 2 words in there. But when searching via either of those words, nothing came up. But if I added a tag component to the details screen, it was then found. Not sure if your details screens are different between each list, but this could be the cause.

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I don’t think thats what the built in search considers because the main component of my Order detail screen is a collection of the items in that order . So the item name is in that detail screen.

really struggling to get the search bar to search row details. what exactly do I have to display for this to work !!

If the search is attached to a list/collection connected to the Orders table, it’s only going to search visible values in that table. If you have a relation to Items from the order, it’s not going to look inside the relation to search Items. You would have to create a joined list of all the item names from the relation, and place that joined list on your order detail screen, but set visibility so it’s hidden. Only then will your Orders search be able to search sub items within each order.


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