Data not loading

When i create the app everything works fine but when i put it on a phone are open the link in the browser only the first row of my data is loaded.

this is de link to my app:

  1. Do you have Row Owners applied anywhere?
  2. Are you viewing the app as the same signed in user in both cases?
  1. not that i know off
    2.I view as anyone

Need more information, I think.

Can you please provide a screenshot from the Glide Data Editor for the table that your screen shot is attached to?

Hi Aaron and Darren,

I just copied Aaron’s app and this is was the action on the button.

And I published it on my end too but doesn’t showed and only the first item of that rel showed.

I’m guessing if the issue is that? :face_with_peeking_eye:

I added a new button and the Show New Screen Action points to This Item and on the other screen I added that rel on the inline list and I see that in the builder and the preview too!

Check here : franse woordjes

Thank you


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