I thought i lost half my data ... Intermittent Data Glide Table does not show all records - Need to restart app

Is anyone else experiencing some weird glitch where you open the app and either partial or no data shows. Then you close the app and restart and the data is back. Well it started happening more and more until not if I toggle from one tab to another I can recreate the issue. I went in and navigated to the actual glide data table in the editor view and ran an export during both situations and found out that a random amount of rows were missing. Then I would close the tab and log back in to the glide editor and then all the data would be back.

I am thinking either I have too many relationships, columns, or rows. Any ideas as it is really negatively impacting my app. It seems to be random to which tables it impacts.

If you can reliably reproduce it, I would suggest submitting a ticket.

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I have upgraded to the PRO and it seems to have fixed the issue. I didn’t realize I was over on rows.


ThinhDinh - Thank you for providing that information as it was also having an issue on raising a support ticket!

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Yeah, I believe you can only raise a support ticket when you’re on Pro and up.

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