Special Values in Form screen Crash/Not Working [Glide Pages]

I’m not sure if this happened to anybody else, but when I am setting up a new form screen and select special value (like current date/time), The edit screen (on the right side) crashes i.e. becomes dark
and does not change until the browser page is refreshed.
Any ideas on how this can be fixed or what the issue might be?
Picture below.

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I can reproduce this issue @SantiagoPerez .

@Daniil_Buriev if you haven’t, please go ahead and submit a support ticket.



Still facing this issue.

@SantiagoPerez please look into this.

Rock’n’roll :metal::man_singer:

I can reproduce this also. With me it happened with the user email special value.

I believe it happens with a lot of “special values”, I haven’t checked Apps but it’s that way with Pages.

Is this still happening? If so, could we have a support link, please?

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I was facing this error in the apps as well. It just got fixed a few hours ago after submitting a ticket.

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Just checked again. Works for me now, thanks Mark!

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