Showing in editor but not in published App

Hi all,

I have a workout app. When I am in the editor for the app I can see the 3 workout options, but in the app that is published, only 1 of the workouts is showing.

Any reason it could show in the editor but not in the app itself?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Mark,

Does that list has any filters? Does Row Owners is connected here?

Thank you

Thank you for replying Dilon, I really appreciate it.

No, there are no filters to the inline list, as per the image.

It was all show, but now 2 have disappeared and only 1 workout remains. It has done the same with other versions of this app.

Sorry not sure what you mean by Row Owners?

Thank you again.

also, if there was a a filter, would that mean it wouldn’t show in either the app you open and the editor? For the editor all workouts show, but in the app on mobile/laptop, only one shows.

IF you preview in the builder as someone else, do the also see 1 row?
How many rows do you have? IT being a free app, I don’t know if you’re over the limit of rows and it might affect when you open the app live.

Do you have any actions tied to these items? Or it’s simply “show details screen”.

Seems like some more people are having this issue.

Thank you for replying.

I view it as everyone all workouts are there. The strange thing is for some live apps they were there, then two of the workouts just disappeared, meaning I could only see one.

Not over the rows as only used 230 in total.

When they select the workout, it actually takes them to a form which is a pre-workout survey.

This : Row Owners - Glide Library

Is it possible to share the App URL to check this issue on our side?

What Data source are you using? Glide Tables? Airtable?

I have a similar issue where I see all the data in the editor but only the top entry in a list when I go to the mobile version (iOS). No filters, row owners etc. nothing has changed as far as visibility should be concerned.

@Mark_Clewley and @Abiv does the action in the list pointed to a relation? Like this? : Final result different from what is presented during application development

yup! It’s worked until recently, and works in the editor, but not outside of it.

Yes, mine does populate to a relation. It is a relation between the week they are in for their training and the workout options.

It was the action of a new screen for that relation. I have since changed it to a details screen and then done an inline list using that relation. This has fixed the problem.

Not sure if changing the action to a details screen would help others experiencing the same thing.