COVID-19 - Tracking thread

For all our Indian friends, colleagues, and most importantly human beings and whoever trying to deal with COVID-19 :

How to report an issue ?

Help us help you, I’ve made this topic so that everyone requiring immediate assistance can be helped ASAP. This topic will help us identify urgent requests so that they can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

How to report ?

Share with us links, pictures and the step-by-step guide allowing us to help you timeout having to ask you for more details. The more you tell, the better.

If you are not happy with the answer given in the community ?

Try to send an email at : The Glide team will then handle your request from there.

Little advice : do not forget to mention that it’s related to a COVID app and that it’s somehow in a way or another urgent.

Important reminder

We (the community) members are just friendly little guys trying to help users create their own apps. Creating a COVID app requires you to be aware of what’s prohibited and what’s not in your countries. DO NOT provide informations if you are not allowed to do so. This disease is serious, and therefore it has to be taken in charge by professionals (physicians, politics…)

Take a good care of yourself and be safe !

For more information on COVID-19, visit the World Health Organization’s official website.

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Thanks for putting this together @AymenM


Hi Team,

I need help to develop a simple app to help distribution of concentrates in India to support humanitarian crisis. I am hoping that this app can be developed with your help in 2-3 days. I am looking for developers **who have very good understanding of this platform. **
I will provide funding to use this platform and cloud hosting.
Pls reply back asap. Thanks for your support

more details please…

Thanks Uzo. We are ordering Concentrators from overseas. They should arrive in India by next week. We want to provide concentrators to people are in urgent need. We are passing concentrators on cost price so that maximum number of people can be protected. Currently concentrators are sold in black market 3 times more the cost. People who have oxygen cylinders have to go out to refil them which means that they are exposing themselves. They are getting infected with COVID virus.

App: Simple functionality

  1. Allow user to submit request with 10 filelds information.
  2. Service provider will confirm stock and then confirm.
  3. Automatic notification to requester along with company bank account details where the funds have to be transferred along with invoice.
  4. Allow user to send bank transfer details
  5. Notification to Logistic company to pick the concentrator to deliver within the city or interstate
  6. Update online when product is dispatched

I have documented high level requirements for this application.

ok, it can be done in 2 days

how many users do you expect?

THANKS A LOT> Yes i agree but i don’t have skills in this area. Could you pls help us. What is the best way to connect with you. I can book webex / zoom call to go thru our requirements.

we may get thousand + requests.

that would required paid app

As of now we are getting 300 units so i need to be very careful to whom we give. We want triage based on the data they will share with us.

Paid App means?

free Apps in glide can only handle up to 500 lines and 1000 edits

you would need a PRO App

Ok… no problem we can purchase licence for paid app. I hope it is not expensive. Currently I am keen to save every penny to support crisis happening in India. I desperately need help. A

ok…thanks… what is the best way to connect with you pls.