Glitch: Limit access by email not available Pro app

My app is published and I want to limit access by email. But it does not show me any option for private apps.

The only options I see are public and public with email .

Private app is inherently limitedby email. You just need to specify which sheet had the email whitelist.

Hi Robert,
Can you please help me with :-

  1. How to make a whitelist so that it whitelists by either phone number or Organisation name (a certain passcode I can share with organisations to be put)

  2. What’s the way to connect live tweets around certain hashtags to show up and if they have a phone number that could be call-able?

  3. Create a tweet with data from the tab with a line break?

  4. How can two pro gildeapps be integrated to show relevant and specific data from each other? For example, in one app I am getting requests and the other one is for resources. I want the specific and relevant category of resources to show in the request app.

  5. Share current entry on social media/whatsapp?

  6. Trigger message to WhatsApp (not by creating a separate button) with the message button ?

This is for India Covid-19. Immediate help would be appreciated.

At the moment I believe we can only whitelist by email, but you can use tab visibility conditions tied to user profiles fields (in this case, phone number and organization code) to show/hide the tabs accordingly.

This is pretty complex, not sure if you can do a webview of a Twitter page (let’s say a search of certain keywords) or not, I think that’s your best bet.

So do you want to create a Tweet from right inside Glide? I believe some Twitter intent format can handle this.

Without knowing more about the use case, I think you can just point them to the same underlying Google Sheet/Glide Table, then display them accordingly for each app.

What do you mean by current entry? What types of social media do you want to share them to?

Like the Twitter part above, I think this can be handled by creating a template column with the right intent format.

  1. Whitelist by email - can you give me an example?

  2. Live tweets - (I want to connect specific hashtags/categories) - automate it so that
    the phone number and specific # are added to my specific columns

  3. Create Tweet - I want people to share the entry on a tweet… So probably will use text join and a hyperlink to create new tweet. Open to better solutions!

4.Can show you if you are available for a zoom call?

  1. Social media - want people to be able to share a specific entry. For example, if they are looking for oxygen cylinders in a particular city, I want them to be able to share that information as text. (I know the hack is again to use a text join column but looking for something more native other than link to screen/ show sharing options)

  2. Have created a template but was wondering if it was possible for phone numbers with the glide native message button

That option is only for a Private Pro app, you can try some free templates available in your dashboard but it’s only for 14 days.

At the moment I think your best bet here for extracting info from Twitter is use a third-party crawler to update the Sheet. Possibly something like this:

Regarding the sharings, I don’t think there’s any other options other than using a show sharing options action/using a template column to create an intent link, then use open link action.

You can try browsing the WhatsApp threads in this forum for more info. Sorry I’m not available for a call.

Hi Thinh, I appreciate you taking time to help me.

  1. Where can I share the app links with you? (not here because it’s still WIP)

  2. Whitelist - for a pro app - can I work it around with visibility conditions. For example, I can share a password that people have to add as organisation and limit features by that?

  3. I also want to add data with the time difference since it was last verified and now. For example, instead of data showing the time stamp, I want it so X hours Y mins ago

Is there a work around for this?

For the whitelist part, you workaround by showing/hiding tabs based on visibility conditions.

For the time difference, you can configure something like this.

Days ago: Floor(Now - Timestamp)

Hours ago: Floor((Now - Timestamp - Days ago)*24)

Mins ago: Floor((Now - Timestamp - Days ago - Hours ago/24)2460)

Then replace them in a template column accordingly.


Hi Thinh,
I have solved that date time problem but I’m trying to figure out how to use an array formula or auto add current time [ =now() ] to the new rows that are added?

Hola @Chirag_Mediratta,

You can create math column and type the word “Now” then choose the option of the current date and time. This will autopopulate for all rows.

I hope this helps.

Thank you!
“now” automatically started showing up without creating a column. which is weird but works!

I’m almost done for the day with all the above doubts.
Though one last thing that has been making my sheets throw off is how do I ensure that my textjoin/concatenate work for the new rows??

Urgent help needed!
Thank you all you helpful people :slight_smile:


Or if you want to keep it in the app and not the sheet, then use a Template column to join multiple columns together.