Telemedicine app on Glide - remote covid testing for rapid-antigen tests

Hi hi! So here is a sneak peek at the end-to-end app (the user side at least) for the remote covid test - built on Glide (and bits and pieces) with the help of many in this community (directly and passively with all the community posts).

13 mins - and some chatting with one of our agents in between (actually bug reporting, it is what it is :wink:


Very interesting to see what’s being built in Glide, thank you for sharing @Mark_Turrell

It would have been impossible in another platform - without a giant team (and even then, near impossible :slight_smile:


Great work Mark. :+1:

It’s been a fun project to be involved in, and I think I’ve developed a kind of love/hate relationship with @Mark_Turrell, as he’s continually pushed me way past my limits. The phrase “cannot be done” simply does not exist in his vernacular :joy:


The demo shows that you’ve both put your heart and soul into this project. Thank you for all of the hard work!

I’m sure that the app will benefit many people during these difficult times.

I trust Mark paid you well, or at least owes you a few favours :wink:


I just hear a language I do not speak… then we chat and come up with a different approach (or I change the business requirement to make the problem go away :slight_smile:
Speaking of which, I have an idea for ‘system time’…

I have lots to say about this “system time” thing, but I’ve been holding my tongue…

I just sent you my proposal :slight_smile:

Now - the agent side of the system


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in addition to paying invoices immediately, I got Darren a goodie to play with (sharing my project bonus with him)


Good to see your APP starts growing and walking faster than a baby.
Looks great the agent section and it’s really funny see you working as an agent, a friendly agent! :wink:

And the best of all (I think) is that you have shown just 60% of what your APP is able to do … your APP is a little but nice monster once one has known it internally

Feliz día @Mark_Turrell

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This is great @Mark_Turrell ! My partner might end up being one of your users as he’s visiting Berlin with his girlfriend in July/August. He’s flying into Luxemborg from San Diego, then Croatia and finally Berlin. He already took his vaccine shot here in the US so not sure of the exact legalities but I’ll let him know of your service.

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Cool :slight_smile: hopefully we do not need this type of app for the summer, but come Sept when it gets cold, dark, and wet, I am predicting more caution about covid, and likely more testing too.

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Your training video area for the agent side was very inspiring. Onboarding/training using technology is an art so very cool to see how you did it.

I have just had @Pablo_Miguel_Martine build be a cool training system based on modules and topics, with embedded videos, progress tracking, etc - and then we will use webview to embed a third-party quiz app, and then zapier to bring the results back into glide via GS then relations.

Lots of cool things to play with and explore! Then share :slight_smile:


Making screenshots so people (users, agents, partners) know how the app works. Interestingly, we started with some well-trained users doing this… but they did not know the edge cases (such as letting the time expire) so it was better for me to do everything.

I hope this helps folk think about how to make your app more accessible to people :slight_smile:

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Good luck with the show tomorrow @Mark_Turrell ! Brilliant looking app. I imagine the coming weeks will be an exciting roller coaster ride for you and your team. Viel Glück

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It will be fine - not my first rodeo, so to speak :slight_smile: :slight_smile: but thanks for the kind thoughts and support. It will be a lot of fun :slight_smile: :slight_smile: and stunning how much can be created in 2 months.


Oh, since you’re doing the media rounds. Is Clubhouse big over there in Berlin? At least with some of the networks I’m involved with here in both Silicon Valley and the social impact space, it’s been fairly popular so not sure if you can somehow do a soft sell of your app via some trending topic/discussion on there.