Suddenly, data stops reflecting to Google Sheet [urgent]

It’s been a little while since I’ve done anything in glide. As far as I know, my main app has been running normally…or at least no complaints, but maybe I’ll have to check again.

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I’ll be sending in a lengthy video to glide in next couple of hours. I’ll post it on the xuber hotel thread too just to show you guys what I mean and why I’ve had to put that app on hold. I don’t know what it is but it’s really strange. My only worry is Glide will come back to me saying you have too much data which would really kill everything off because I just about started focusing on the more complex apps. My dream of seeing your clickable dynamic calendar in action may not be realised after all the effort I put into it​:pensive:I’ll post what I have finished and it took me more than 2 weeks only because each component takes 1 minute to load. I know my laptop is not infected. :frowning:


What do you mean (or Glide) with “you have too much data“??

Are you loading too many columns/rows from a GS or your APP has too many relations and computed columns internally?


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@Mark @david - The App helps covid-19 affected people find the most reliable medical resources, fastest - using feedback/verifications through the app. It’s been 3 days since we have not been able to get feedback from users due to the app issue…

Would appreciate if the support team can help me resolve this asap…

Recap of the problem

  • Data being fetched from google sheet to the glide-app is working perfectly fine. But any data submitted on glide-app is not being pushed back to the google sheet.
  • There are no computations happening on the glide-connected sheet - it has an importrange() function with a different file that has about 10 users adding ~15 rows to the sheet every hour.

App link:
Support link - Glide

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@Siddarth_Jain Your app should now be back to writing data. It’s currently catching up on rows that weren’t added.

The issue that caused all of this in the first place has been fixed, too. Apologies for the trouble.


The problem was glide tables and therefore glide.


Hi Mark, noticed that columns are starting to add - really glad that the older data is not lost, but just stuck in transit.

Appreciate you guys working with me through your weekend. Thanks to you and @david for being super responsive - I’m sure there are a lot more folks behind the scene too - thanks to them too. Also, a big shoutout to my main man @Manan_Mehta for helping me and hopping on to zoom calls on my distress call to him.

Just to give you a better context on where you guys helped - India is facing a severe covid19 infection wave which has affected millions of people and most families are struggling to find medical resources for infected members at this point (access to oxygen, medicines and hospital beds). We are a group of ~50+ volunteers who are collating all different sources that we can find on the internet, and then verifying so that the caregivers only have to contact the verified ones (typically a 1 in 10 success rate otherwise)… Also, just for the team to know, there are more such apps being used by people that are built on top of glide - , to name a couple of them…
Thanks to the team for their direct and indirect contribution / empowerment.

Have a good Sunday!


Also, would be great if you can shed some light on the issue that was causing this and if there was any trigger that might have caused it?


Just something we hadn’t foreseen and therefore didn’t handle well.

Hi @Mark looks like the issue is back…

Ah, you switched to a different spreadsheet! Sorry, I had to manually clear the write queue for the spreadsheet, and I cleared the old one. It should be all on track now.

Hi @Siddarth_Jain First off, thanks to you and your courageous team for helping your fellow brothers and sisters. Much respect.

@Wiz.Wazeer - Hi Wiz, saw that you mentioned that it was Glide tables earlier that was causing the problem? Is that true as I thought it was the GS transfer of data to tables that was causing the problem? Thanks

Hi @Mark - I’m new to Glide and LOVING the platform and community so far but as I’m very worried about a similar situation happening to me, would you say using Glide tables would’ve avoided this situation altogether? Totally understand and get there’s always going to be growing pains but I just want to prepare with any contingency plans. Per some of the other helpful members on this forum, I now know it’s a good best practice to continuously save and make duplicates but the issue experienced by Siddarth seems to be something that those two tips would not have prevented. Is it fair to say that Glide tables is a tiny bit % more reliable than Google Sheets for his use case due to the transfer of data from GS to Glide tables? If so, I’d be happy to start with Glide tables from the start if that help reduce the risk of this happening. Thanks in advance

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That was in relation to a different issue.

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Thanks @Wiz.Wazeer . Sorry to misinterpret your post.

Ok that’s it, it’s settled (for me at least). From a very simplistic and practical standpoint, it seems best to just start on Glide tables from beginning to avoid any potential issues along with saving and making duplicates.

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What are you sorry for ? Pls don’t be!

I don’t know what your building but be careful.

If multi user app, avoid glide tables. Use google sheets, instead. If ordinary app for displaying your business address and some images, glide tables is ideal solution.

Another important thing to bear in mind is that whenever there is a universal glide outage, the first thing affected is glide tables and becz of that you will find you have to recreate all your single and multiple relations. Having a duplicate isn’t going to help as outage=glide tables. But an unpublished duplicate is not affected (probably becz no URL to target).

Have a great day.

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I don’t have any heavily used apps, but personally I’ve never had anything like that happen. I’ve never had data loss or things like relations disappear. My primary app is sheet based, but I also have glide table based apps that work just fine. Of course, if there is an outage, the app may be inaccessible during that time, but otherwise everything has been stable and I’ve had good luck

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You are one of the lucky few😊. I always also don’t lose data and relations but the fact that I do whenever there is an outage needs to be addressed. I like defending tables too but too many bad experiences.


Hi @Darren_Murphy Thanks for the bug reference. Yes, @Jeff_Hager also gave me similar feedback that it’s good practice to have Google sheet in addition to Glide. I’m just concerned because you have not 1 but 2 heavily used public apps in the last month fail for some reason or another and if using Glide tables helps minimize the chances of that happening, was okay to do that.

@Wiz.Wazeer I’m making an app that will be hopefully used by many locals during the Olympics in Japan so failing is not an option for me. The gentleman in Brazil and the other in India both had issues and the common theme (from what I remember) was google sheets and formulas but our app will definitely have multiple users at the same time. Potentially hundreds if not thousands depending on a specific event.