Anyone image not appearing from Google drive etc..?

Interesting…I’ll have to try this @MegannLock! Regardless, it seems like something indeed is awry between Google and Glide if we have multiple users reporting the same issue. I have yet to test.

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Yeah I began encountering Google Drive image display issues about a year ago. It’s getting more and more finicky. I used to be able to grab an image share link from Drive for an image and use it in an array/image formula within a google sheet to display thumbnails in my spreadsheet (not even for Glide purposes). But now, it seems like those shareable links only work half the time. My theory is that is has something to do with the long as heck file IDs and Google Drive server issues.

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I bet you’re right. I’ve ceased using Google Drive altogether for photo storage…been using Cloudinary instead since then I can also manipulate and transform the images dynamically if needbe. I’ve been using for several months now and have yet to exceed 10% quota.

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:running_woman:t2: < me running to check out this Cloudinary lol

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Use this this link to learn how to use Cloudinary AND help me expand my credit quota :grin:

Try out the @cloudinary demo and see how you can manipulate your website images today!


Here are my Cloudinary posts in case you’ve missed them:

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Thanks @MegannLock! I shall try this…I launched my app a couple of weeks ago and getting good traction. I’m populating it for now…but as I get more users I’ll need to have something more stable in place.

Thanks again!

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@MegannLock If it’s not too much to ask, could you give us examples of all the URL variations you’re seeing that don’t work in Glide as-is, and how you modify them to make them work? We’d love to support all of that out of the box.

Sure! I’ll comment here in a bit! To be honest, I haven’t found a pattern in which URLs work and which don’t. That’s why I am assuming it’s an issue on google’s end.

@Mark Here are all the Image link variations I’ve tried (and/or seen) and I usually had issues with in general— things like the image not displaying at all (whether it was in Google Sheets, or Glide, or even a webpage), or it would display the wrong image. I read a lot of conflicting info when I was trying to troubleshoot this about a year ago. Apparently, there are quotas for some of those types of image links. I found that using the file ID to create a link to a thumbnail view worked reliably.””””

Here’s the formula I use for my google sheet to create a thumbnail link from any of those link variations above (extracts fileID and combines it with that thumbnail view link type! =IFERROR(ARRAYFORMULA(CONCAT(CONCAT("",(REGEXEXTRACT($B$2:$B,"([-\w]{25,})"))),"&sz=w960-h540")),)

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@MegannLock I’m having all of the issues you outlined…from images not displaying or not at all. It’s good to know it isn’t just me…as I’m not as savvy as you are with formulas :slight_smile:

This has been most helpful.

Stay safe


@MegannLock the only variation I’ve used from Google is similar to your second url, but instead of ‘drivesdk’, I have ‘sharing’ for the usp parameter. Would that make a difference? I’m wondering if it’s the method that people are using to get a share link, because I’ve seen several different url structures, but I’ve always felt comfortable with the way that gets you file/d and sharing in the url.

Let me know if you could use some help writing those formulas into your sheet! I’d be more than happy to help!

Yeah, I’m not sure of the difference. To me, it’s never made a difference whether it was usp=sharing or usp=drivesdk. Those other url variations are not the normal “share link”. They’re modified (in my attempts to find a solution lol)!

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Thank you so much @MegannLock! Some of those are not yet recognized by Glide, but I’m adding that and it should ship by Thursday.

What Glide does is transform those URLs to the form

which should give a direct link to an image file. It seems you’re saying that that doesn’t always work? If so, do you have examples where that link doesn’t work?


That URL actually has only given me trouble within google sheets (when using an image/arrayformula). But that was a while ago, like 1-2 years ago. I actually hadn’t even tried using that URL, cause I just went straight to using that thumbnail link up there!

Thank you @MegannLock I may just take you up on that. Just going to give it a try first.

Hello everyone. I just wanted to share an update. Our current theory (and please bear in mind this is a theory) is that the mass numbers of Glide users have triggered googles anti-bot lockouts for images for some people.

As a member of the glide community: WOOOOOO GO GLIDE USERS.

As an engineer on the glide team: Oh god what have we done?

So there are some fixes we are working with upstream providers on, I cannot give you an exact time for when they will roll out, but this is a high priority item for me. I actually have a working prototype of the solution today, but it has some flaws that need to be resolved first.


Hi @MegannLock and @Mark

I have seen this trouble since 2018, when I used to work with Awesome Table software many people reported this issue and they fixed it creating this solution, here they explain very well the source of problem and its solution

Sometimes when I face this problem again, I come back to this useful post.


Yes sir! That post is where I found that handy URL format for my CONCAT formula up there!