Webhook in a Public App

Hi, have an issue with a Webhook in a Public App (not Pro)?

I have a public app with a form that on submission should trigger a Webhook.
The Webhook does not trigger when submitting the form but, when I’ve changed the settings to Public with e-mail it worked perfectly!
Am I missing something? is there any limitation on Webhooks in public Apps?

Webhooks currently require a user to be signed in to trigger.


Thank David.

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Ciao @david, do you think webhooks will work with Public apps in the future?

Even if they won’t, there will always be the option of using Apps Script to post to a web hook.

Thank you @Darren_Murphy, how can be done? Via the google sheet?

Yes, from the Google Sheet using Apps Script.
If you’ve never used Apps Script before there is a learning curve, but it can be done.

here the great post that @Darren_Murphy wrote days ago, a wonderful tool!

Saludos @Alessio_Tornese


oh, haha… I knew that I’d posted an example somewhere, but I couldn’t find it yesterday :crazy_face: :man_facepalming:

I will never forget your post!! :wink:

Gracias Darren

Thank you @Darren_Murphy :slight_smile:
I wrote my script in AppScript and it works! I can trigger the webhook and pass the values. Now the problem is how to trigger the event in glide, for example by pressing a button. Do you have any ideas?

All you need to do is create a trigger script to “watch” a cell/range in your spreadsheet, and then use Glide to alter a value in that range.

If you look at my JSON/API tutorial, I use exactly that technique there.