How to use Webhook to run Google sheets App Script Functions

How do I go about this? currently using open link works but also opens a new tab which isn’t ideal.
What do I have to do here to make it work with Webhook, also, is there a way to make it run specific functions?
Thank you for your time

Hi, @Ben_Nicholls . I am trying to run an apps script “deployed as a webapp” but this does not work from Glide from the Trigger webhook action. Does this work for you ? Thanks

Does not work using a webhook that I have worked out, in the end I used a cell that would be filled with a specific value on a button press. The appscript would look for this value every minute I think and then run the script if it found it.

OK thanks, i will do the same.

If you have a Pro plan, ive been using Edit Google Calendar as an action, editing the same event over and over again and using the location, description and title fields as three options for sending parameters, which ive then associated to a particular function in Sheets. The Google Sheets ‘change calendar’ trigger is instant, so by adding conditions, you can end up with an instant trigger in Sheets from Glide for any specific function, and with several parameters passed accross.