Problems with Glide Button and Webhook

I have an Public App which ask you to type your mobile phone number (in a user-specific column).
Once this app find your number in a database, an Agreement is show up…
If you agree by pressing an “I Agree” button, the status of the Agreement in your database is changed in “true” (Set columns), a Webhook start to collect all the necessary informations and the magic (Integromat) is starting :slight_smile:
This works very well on my computer.
I tried this on my mobile.
I type the number. Agreement show up. I Agree…nothing happened :frowning:
I checked my database. Status of the Agreement is true…
I’m lost …

Thank you.

PS I’m using Glide Tables only.

So if I understand right the problem is on the action that set the agreement to true, not on the webhook, is that correct?

I think I understand the webhook is not triggered.

Reason for this is that you need to be signed in for the webhook to be triggered.

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On my computer I was not signed in. Because I knew that the App is Public. And is working …

the webhook is not triggered

It works on the editor but for the webhook to be triggered on your phone, the user has to be signed in.

This is bad. :frowning: Tell me you are not 100% sure :slight_smile:

Check that out. :arrow_down: