Webhook error

Hi guys.
I’ve set up a successful webhook with integromat, it’s worked perfectly. But then, after few successful tests, connection lost. Glide showing ‘Error’ on button click action. Integromat is not receiving webhook info.
I have a free subscription just in case it’s linked somehow, I’ve checked subscription plans and didn’t find any points related to webhooks limitations.
Do you know what it could be?

Do you have a public app or do you require users to sign in? Webhooks won’t work if users don’t sign in.

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It’s public app without registration of the email.
I’ll try to add it, thanks!

I believe webhooks won’t work unless a user is signed into the app.

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@ThinhDinh @Jeff_Hager
Do you know if this is on the Glide roadmap — will webhooks eventually work for the Public with Email app privacy setting? Thx

I can’t say for sure but it’s related to security concerns, so I don’t think it will work.

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Same thoughts as @ThinhDinh. I don’t work for glide, so I don’t know what their roadmap looks like. I also don’t know the mechanics behind how they have webhooks set up to work other than the same assumption that it has something to do with security.

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will webhooks eventually work for the Public with Email app privacy setting?

Yes it will. The user must be signed into the app to fire the webhook, it is the only one condition (even if your APP is Public)

This feature was actived since long ago.



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@gannonatwork I must have misread your question. I misread as you referring to Public only apps with users not signed in. Public with Email requires users to sign in to use the app. So, yes, I agree that webhooks have worked as @gvalero said for a long time.

Yes, sorry, I meant to say Public (not signed in). I’ve got the webhook firing as it should in the builder but when deployed live in mobile or desktop view it doesn’t trigger. I did previously read in the documentation that it’s a security concern, but wanted to see if anyone here knew of anything in the pipeline. @Jeff_Hager I know you and @ThinhDinh don’t work for Glide, but you do hang out in circles I don’t (and you’re both well-versed in Glide) so I thought you might have some inside knowledge. :wink: Thanks all for weighing in.