Problem with webhook. It works in the glide editor but does not work in browsers

Hi guys, I need a little help.

Within my APP I create a webhook so that when the user completes a series of forms, the information is sent by email.

Doing the tests I realized that the webhook works perfectly through the Glide editor, but when I try to test it through a mobile or web browser, the webhook does not work. It does not send the information and it does not add me the action in the Glide accounting.

Could someone guide me what could it be?

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Your users must be logged in for the webhook to fire — are they?

Please do not mention me when you post here.

No, they are not currently logged in.

For the webhook to work, must the registered users be?

And sorry for the mention.

The user must be signed in for webhooks to work. Glide does not really have a concept of “registering” users, it only has sign-in.


Thank you very much for your quick response, I will implement the changes.

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I Try this, still does’nt Work,

in my case, I Use IFTTT Webhook