Ifttt webhooks works on glide editor, but not on mobile

So, this is the problem that I have:
I built the entire app on Glide Editor and then started to test it, no problem at all.
But when I started to test it on my mobile phone, everything worked except sending an email at the end.
I am sending the email via IFttt Webhooks with three arguments.


On Glide, the editor sends the email, no problem. When I send it on mobile, the webhook doesn’t receive the arguments:

on the Glide editor:

on mobile:

There is a similar topic in this forum, that refers to signing in to the app, but I do have to sign in to the app. : Problem with webhook. It works in the glide editor but does not work in browsers

At the moment, my account is a business account, so the problem is not access. and I have a Pro+ account on IFTTT.

I have tried to find a solution on Google, but with no luck.

Thank you in advance.


Just a curiosity: why don’t you use Send Email action from Glide and save 1 update?


Because I can’t send the values to the email I want.

The way I am sending the email now, I can start the email with the name of the person, for example:

Hello “John”
Thank you for…

If is possible to do in the send Email, that would be great.

Thank for your input.

Hola de nuevo!

If I follow you correctly, you can create a template column to have a “response template” then, send it using the Send email action’s Body field

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I could do that, but can I put for example the name (from another column) in the template?

I am using some html for the body of the email. If I can recall the value of a cell into the html code, probably would solve my problem.

I don’t know how your tables are structured but it is possible. What about if your take/use that name using a Single Value column?

Let me know if it helped.

Hello @gvalero

I just wanted to thank you very much for the idea of having a template with the body of the email.
But for those who have the same doubts that I had regarding the values in the text, it is relatively easy to autocomplete.

Is to create a column with the text you want in the body of the email of type “template”

And then create the necessary substitutions with the values of the other columns.

I hope it helps someone.


I have same Problem, only work on Editor not for the User