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A part of my app has a catalogue of products we sell B2B. I’m trying to understand the email component and was hoping it was possible to use the email component to email the images and text details contained within the detail page (see attached image).

As an example the body of the email would contain the images and the table of information.

Is this possible with the email component or is it configurable any other way within Glide?


You can use integromat, @Robert_Petitto has a great tutorial on that. Let me find it


Thank you…What I’m really struggling with in Webhooks is that it appears the recipient email has to be preloaded. As per screenshot I would like to email the details but to an unknown recipient ie when an enquiry is made I would hit the email button and then add the appropriate recipient email. Is this possible? Because it’s a CRM app could I email it to a client in the app as an enquiry is made?.


Are you saying that you want the app user to manually enter the recipient email address?
If that’s the case, just make it a two step process…

  • User taps the button once, and is prompted for the email address
  • User taps a second time, and the web hook is sent, with the user supplied email address as an extra value
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Hi and thank you

Yes that’s correct. Do you mean a custom action?


Yes, with a combination of visibility conditions. I’m imagining something like this:

  • Create a user specific boolean column. This will be used:
    • To hide/show the email input component
    • To determine which action is taken when the button is pressed
    • And (optionally) to determine the button label
  • Next add an email entry component to your screen. This will initially be hidden (ie. boolean is not true)
  • Now create a custom action to attach to your button. This action will have two paths. One if the boolean is true, and another if the boolean is not true.
    • If it’s not true (starting state):
      • Reveal the email entry component, and maybe a hint component that prompts for an email address
      • Change the label on the button (optional)
      • Set the boolean column to true
    • If it’s true (2nd tap):
      • Send the web hook
      • Flip the boolean to not true

That’s off the top of my head, and I probably missed a few bits, but it should give you the general idea.

Thank you…I’m going to have to think a bit more…the process above has made my head cloudy:) cheers

If it would help, I could throw a concept app together for you?

OMG…That would be awesome thank you :smiley: :clap:

Here you go… you can make a copy and study it.
It’s very simple, just includes the steps I described earlier.
You’ll need to take it and adapt to your app.

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Hi and thank you. Is the ‘things’ sheet my products sheet?
Is there a way that the button triggers an email box to customise the message eg Hi “Name” As discussed below are the details we spoke about blah blah blah…and attach a signature as you would in Outlook / Apple Mail?

Yes, you’d just take the components and columns I’ve used there and apply them to your existing screen/table.

Certainly, and that’s just an extension of what you see there. So you’d just create another User Specific Column to take the message contents, and perhaps a Template column to fill it with some default text. The signature could also come from a template column.

Hi and thanks again.

I’ve pretty much got it working but -

  1. How to i clear the email address I insert once it’s sent? When i log in as another user and go to email it the email address shows up instead of clearing it.
  2. What are the parameters for the customer email address I need to put into the recipient field when I create the web hook?

Are you using a User Specific Column? (you should be). If you look at the action sequence attached to the button in the example that I gave you, you’ll see that there is a Set Columns action that clears that value.

You should be passing the email address as one of the values with the web hook action. Then it will be available as a selectable value in the Integromat scenario.

Thank you…the action was correct but I had a capital F instead of f in the esc step.

Attached is a screenshot of the web hook data. I can’t see what needs to go into the recipients address field.

Can you show me a screen shot of the web hook action configuration in Glide?

Is this what you are talking about…

Yes, are you sending the supplied email address as a value with that web hook action?

Sorry I’m not quite following?

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Well, in the screen shot, I can see that you have a list of key/value pairs that are being sent with the web hook. eg:

  • Image 1 → Image 1
  • Image 2 → Image 2
  • Image 3 → Image 3
  • Image 4 → Image 4
  • etc…

Are you also including the user supplied email address in that list? (I can’t tell from the screen shot, as the bottom of it is clipped)

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