Can I email the contents of a form from the Glide app?

Hi there! I am creating an evaluation tool and I have set up a form to collect information. I would then like to send that information to the person being evaluated. The email tool only allows for a single data column to be inputted. Is there a way to aggregate all of the data to send in an email?

Thank you!

You could trigger a zap or a webhook;

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If you don’t want to take the Integromat/Zapier option, then you could use a Template column to aggregate all the columns you need.


Hi Darren,

Would a template column handle an image too as part of the mix? Perhaps it would capture the image as a URL which would then be converted back into an image once the email is received?

Separately, I have never used rich text functionality (slow learner!). Is it possible to create some rich text in a program like MS Word then somehow copy in the rich text into the Glide Rich text component? In this way, avoiding the need to learn all the formatting styles like ?


Honest answer, I have absolutely no idea. I’ve never used the email action. In the past I always handled email with Apps Script, but these days I just use Integromat. Why don’t you try it and see what happens?

MS Word!!?? eek!!! :scream:
Well, I guess you could try. But geez, please make sure you wash your hands thoroughly when you’re done. You never know what you might catch from that :wink:

On a more serious note, the officially recommended format for Rich Text is Markdown. But as I’m sure you’ve noticed, HTML and CSS can also be used with caution, even though they aren’t officially supported by Glide. If you don’t speak any of these (or couldn’t be bothered learning), there are plenty of online generators available. Just Google for “markdown generator” or “html generator”


Thank you for all of your responses - I am going to try a template column and see what happens. :slight_smile: