Webhook don't send arguments on IFTTT

Hi! I’m playing with webhook and IFTTT, the event is triggered but the arguments are not sent (value1, value2, value3). Somebody have the same problem?



Something like this?

@gvalero no, in my case the event is fired but the arguments are not sent. It’s not affected by Public privacy settings

Have you tried to create another Webhook in IFTTT to discharge a specific problem with the component you are using?

I have tested with several Webhook but with Integromat without problems but with IFTT not. it is a pending task to learn.


Yes I’ve tried.

The 3 parameters in IFTTT are value1, value2 and value3. I’ve tried a lot of combinations but doesn’t work. The event is received in IFTTT but no arguments are passed :frowning:

Just for curiosity:

Why do you send the same variable 4 times (Lingua)?

Just for testing with first capital letter, but no one works.