Dear all,

I created a triggered webhooks to send email via gmail. I set 9 values on my app, successfully determined by webhooks, but only 4 values recognized by gmail (image attached).

Could you advise me how to solve such problem? Thank you in advance.


Maybe Expermimental Code columns doesn’t recognize in integromat? :thinking: … any idea @Mark?

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Are you using G suite for your Gmail?
If not then you would have to authenticate your Gmail and there is a procedure on integromat on how you can do that.

Did you try other email service providers for sending the email?
Gmail is a problem when you want to use it with integromat. I have had issues with it before.

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I’m using G-suite for my Gmail account


Those 5 missing values are shown on the screen where the Webhook button is?

If not, try to put a Text box to show one of them and try again to test my theory please.

Feliz día

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“Menu-1” to “Menu-5”.

Is it possible due to they’re using template values?

No, I don’t think so!

Your values need to be on screen in some way in order to be sent by Webhook action later.

Your configuration is ok, it’s a little bug in Glide so far.



This might not be appropriate for forms, but what I do when I have buttons with webhook is to only show them when all XC-columns related to the webhook are not empty. That has served me quite well so far.


As @gvalero and @ThinhDinh have mentioned, your values need to be on the screen before the webhook is sent.

Could you let us know if that is the case?


I’m using for form submission. When user input data/values, do they on screen values criteria?

Actually, I’m trying to use other ways; via Zapier or directly from Google Sheet. I hope one of them is gonna work.

Anyway, thank you for your kind response

If it’s in a form, then I suspect the value you use hasn’t been calculated when the action is fired. I would try a custom form here and pre-calculate those, still using Experimental Code column, to pass through the action.

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@ThinhDinh : I’ll check your link… Thank you!

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