How to Pass on an email address to Integromat via webhook

I have a catalog app I am building. On the details page I have added an email entry and a button. These are intended to send the details on that page to a prospect.

I have successfully created a webhook in Integromat that will compile the attributes of the product params from the details page and send them in an email via gmail.

The webhook + Gmail scenario only send the email back to the first email address sent . I cannot enter a new email and have the details sent to the new email address.

I have created a user specific column for the email address but it does not seem to want to update with each new email address entered.

I feel like I am almost there and determined to figure this out but am at a loss with what I am missing. I know it is simple. I have gone through many tutorials and examples but do not see a use case such as mine.

Can anyone help? TIA!

use a google script to do that, is free and more powerful

Would if I could , very newbie.

very easy, i think easier than using integromat or zapier

I feel like I am one step away with my current Integromat setup, do you have a solution or link
to the google script?

of course! I do that every day for my customers :slight_smile:

Not a customer just looking for assistance from the community. Thanks though.

if you wanna have a Zoom with me, let me know… I don’t charge for the first one… unless is a lot of work, but your case is simple

Looking for an Integromat solution right now, but thanks…

ok… no problem

It seems that you are assigning column values to the left side values in your webhook. I think those are meant to be static column names, not dynamic based on the column value. I’m guessing that is what may be breaking your webhook. The webhook column headers keep changing.


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My Webhook works and will send an email as designed.

I can’ t get the email parameter to be dynamic when a new email is entered.

Thanks for your input Jeff! If I am off base and not understanding correctly just let me know.



Does it work if you select a different wine with a different Winery/Vintage/Varietal, but use the email address that you know works?

The point I’m getting at is that the the items I highlighted in my image above should be static values. You are pulling the same dynamic value for both the left and right sides of the webhook settings. The left side that I highlighted should be static text that doesn’t ever change. When you change the email, you change the parameters that are sent to integromat. Because the parameters change, it’s probably not working.

I think the only time it’s currently working is because you originally set up your integromat to work with only those parameters that you passed it the first time. When you change the email, you change the parameters. If you put in static header names then the parameters become static and integromat can understand it.

You already set up your Wine Name parameter correctly. You just need to do the same for the rest of the parameters (Winery/Vintage Year/Varietal/Email).


in simple words… instead of using columns to get values on the left side, type them in. integromat is looking for a parameter which is named: email… not an actual email… ones it finds name “email”, it will take the value which is an email on the right side…
so all values on the left have to be manually typed in

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I’ll try that…Thank you…

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Doh… I think that this same issue has tripped me up a few other times when working with columns and data.

Thank you so much Jeff!!!

It works exactly as I envisioned it…So Cool.



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