Using a relation column in an inline list

I noticed that when I use my choice component to select a certain item, the corresponding info displays correctly and immediately.

But when I add an inline list to this screen, and use the relation column, it also displays the correct items, but only after the page is refreshed both on the editor as well as the phone app. I’m not sure what’s causing this delay?

Is there a better way to do this?


Is this a builder-only issue? Does it work as expected in the published app?

I feel like I’ve seen a few posts now where the screen isn’t updating properly. If you attempt to scroll the screen, does it refresh? I’m starting to think there may be a bug.


It was driving me bananas earlier today. I had it happening in two separate apps.
But every time I tried to make a video, it would magically start working.
Go figure…

It seems to have settled down now.


It’s both unfortunately.

Yes, on the phone, when I scroll it updates.

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Hmm. That’s weird. Even after closing out the app and restarting several times it still has the old data until I scroll on the page.

So @Darren_Murphy, @Jeff_Hager, @Robert_Petitto : Is using a relation column as the source for the choice component ok? Or should I be using something different?

FYI - have seen this too in recent days - but tricky for me to repeat

Your setup is probably fine. It might just be a bug that glide has to work out

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This is a “calculation” issue. I run into this a lot of times, my workaround is just to use multiple inline lists that show depending on the “choice”. But yeah, this is a bug.

Are you sure about that?

Check out this one that I managed to catch yesterday.

Looks like things are being “calculated” immediately, but the changes are not reflected on the UI.

Not sure if I word that right :sweat_smile: Bottom line is I used to face the same thing, it’s not a recent issue.

To be more specific about my use case, I used a “category” choice that writes to a user-specific column, then create a multiple relation based on that USC.

The Glide data view is correct, but somehow that “calculation” does not reflect on the screen, nor the left-hand side data view.

mmm, it’s been happening intermittently in a client app that I’m building at the moment.
The intermittent thing is the worst and most annoying part. Sometimes it works, and other times it doesn’t. And there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.

I’ve been trying to capture it on a video so I can log a support ticket, but every time I see it not working and fire loom up, it starts working again :scream:

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This one created with the help of @Darren_Murphy @Himaladin,the same thing Darren said,I found the problem when I choose the orientation as vertical,its updating in the table but updates when I scroll the screen,it works.

When I select Orientation as horizontal,it seems no perfectly.

Can you check?am I correct?

There seems to be a state that doesn’t force the browser to refresh the screen unless it’s scrolled. I’ve tried changing values to sheets directly instead of using relations.