Inline List Info Doesn't Refresh Unless the Screen Moves

I have a fairly dynamic setup in my app where the data in (sometimes, but not always) multiple inline lists changes based on a User Choice component. I’m noticing that the information intermittently won’t refresh unless the Choice component is opened and closed or a scrolling action occurs. Has anyone experienced this in their apps? And, if so, how did you resolve it?

Yes, in my case I was bitten a lot of times when I use a single inline list component that is powered by a relation, related to the user input on the same screen.

As you noticed, the inline list does not calculate correctly until the user does something. What I did, although in my case I don’t have too many to set up, is to have multiple inline lists in advance, and just show/hide them based on the user input, so that Glide doesn’t have to “calculate” anything on demand.

I know it doesn’t scale well, but that’s the only way it worked for me.

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Yes, I’ve encountered this before and I’ve reported it as a bug to Glide.
I’m not sure if it’s been fixed - I guess not if you’re seeing the same behaviour.
In my case, I ended up working around it using a similar method to the one that Thinh described.



Same issue… large dynamic list :smiling_face_with_tear:

I hope Glide will fix this one :pray:

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Thanks Thinh. In the previous iteration of my app, your suggestion worked because I only needed it to show 1 list at a time and there were 9 prepopulated, visible based on the user’s choice. The updated version of my app would require a minimum of eighteen (18!!) prepopulated lists, up to seventy two (72!!!) in certain cases :grimacing: Unfortunately, neither situation is ideal.

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Yeah, unfortunately that doesn’t scale well. I would report this bug again so they can have a look.

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