Swipe Card Order?

Is it not possible to order the cards inside of a swipe deck?

Hi - sadly it is not possible (yet, hopefully). I am working on a card swipe app myself. I am trying to see if I can divide up my GSheet into the Cards I have, and then a ‘deck’ sheet which I sort inside GSheets.

I think swipe cards are really designed to display from oldest to newest based on the swipe date/time. Before all the date/times are filled, I would assume it’s sheet order. Once you have all dates filled, then it’s always going to sort the oldest cards first. Swipe wasn’t really designed to swipe linearly through the rows of data. If you want it to work differently, you have to kind of trick it by only filtering to a single row, then have each swipe set a value that controls relations and lookups to the row of information you want.

That’s what I do with the Month Swipe tab in this app. The only row that’s ever displayed is the first row. My swipes increment a value +1 or -1 based on the swipe direction and that controls what’s displayed on the screen.


I have the ability for individual users to archive & hide rows - the list they are swiping through is filtered to hide archived rows.

In this instance incrementing values +1/-1 doesn’t work as there is no way to write a formula to assign numerical order sequence (1,2,3…) to non-archived rows only. What would happen when I increment to a number that has been filtered out of the inline list? The glideapps abyss?

Ordering Swipe Cards would be great here.

Yeah, I’m not sure what you could do there. One wish I have is a way to assign a rank order dynamically to rows as a workaround for this workaround. Otherwise my method is kind of limited. I think the Swipe layout is not exactly what most of us expect it to be (a way to linearly move between rows). It’s more of a Tinder style swipe, where swipe direction calls different actions and the swipe date just moves it to the bottom of the list. Kind of a one and done. Because of that and a couple of other reasons, I really don’t think swipe is very useful in a lot of cases where people want to use it.

If you can think of some sort of action that would set the row id of the previous or next row (maybe a set column action), then you could still use a similar method to what I did with a single filtered row. Otherwise I think a lot of us are trying to make something work differently from how it was designed to work.


My 14-year old son found a solution:

  • he has a GS with sheets for various YouTube channels - each row is a video
  • he uses QUERY in GS to pull in each sheet into his ‘Swipe’ table
  • In the column after he has a RANDARRAY column (header cell has the formula) that assigned a random number to each row
  • I can’t quite remember, but he might have then an extra sheet with QUERY to bring in the sorted rows
  • this is used for the Swipe sheet
  • add in an extra column in glide - usc-hasSwiped (user) and set the swipe value to ‘true’

So the users get random videos (before they were all ordered by channel which was boring) and do not see the same video twice.

(I did help him a little)


Smart kid!


‘Although re-QUERYing my database would add too much bulk’ Shhh :shushing_face:


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he was very motivated - he had two weeks’ holiday and wanted to earn his way to Airpod Pros :slight_smile: :slight_smile: