Swipe layout is now in Production!

Hi sorry which version link @Deepakgaba? When swipe was first rolled out swiping left was not possible but now I you can. See testimonial section on all my latest apps.

You mentioned in your earlier message about a link to an app where users can use the swipe feature and swipe left to go back to the last card?

Right now, I think it’s not possible normally? I have a list A, B, C

when I use swipe, ‘whichever’ side I swipe, it will go from A → B → C

Anyway to go from C back to B when you swipe from left to right in the screen?

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We really need clickable arrows on the edges of the card for the desktop experience. Swiping via click and drag is not intuitive. Either that or allow swiping via trackpad gestures. @david


I think both would be needed because there are people from a pc and not a laptop that will not have trackpad to swipe with a gesture.

I work with the Swipe component a little differently. To allow you to swipe back and forth between cards, what I do is filter the swipe cards to only one row. Then highly depending on your data and setup, you can have that one row relate to any other row and then pull back certain data from the relation using lookup columns.

I have an example of this in the app below. Take a look at the Month Swipe tab. That tab is only filtered to display only the first row in the Month Layout sheet. When a user swipes the card, it increments a value in that first row, which causes the rest of the sheet to recalculate and changes values on the first row. Then through some other magic, I display the details from that first row. In my case, that swipe never moves beyond that first row because of the filter. That way through the increment action, I can give the appearance of moving forwards or backwards through data. It’s not an exact example, but hopefully if gives you some ideas.


Ya, swipe concept like this is nice…only issue is this:

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The sticking of the cards or the underlying card not switching until the swipe is complete?

Here is my one

Is this is it ?

But that’s not moving backwards through the list. It only moves in one direction and that direct is a combination of sheet order and earliest swipe date. Swiping left or right only moves in one direction…forward. You can’t move backward to the cards you had just swiped. You have to make a complete rotation through all of them to get back to the one card you wanted to swipe back to. That’s why I went with the single row method. A single row will only swipe to itself, but additional actions on that left or right swipe (such as increment or decrement) can allow you to control which data is pulled into that single row.

Two things that would make this process easier:

  • A Rank column that would allow for sequentially numbering rows.
  • Some sort of native functionality or action to allow us to navigate from row to row. You can jump from a list to the details, back to the list, and back to the details… But we really need a way to just have previous and next actions that allow us to move linearly from each detail to the next, through each row in that list.

This one seems appropriate to share.


Right. Swiping next still shows me the same card underneath until the swipe is complete.

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Got it. Yeah, it’s a compromise I guess. I just tend to shy away from Swipe altogether. To me it’s cool, but just doesn’t flow how my mind expects it to. Also, like you pointed out, it’s not desktop friendly, and a little sensitive. If you have to scroll through content, then you are struggling to scroll in a straight line while the card is still wiggling back and forth. It needs some sticking tolerance when you swipe left or right before it actually starts to move.


You mean on my video, yes it’s not going back in same sequence and I just realised that :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed: !!! It’s actually the permutation I mentioned in point 5 above. It isn’t doing what I thought it was in 3 above. IOmg). Dumb me. Now back to workarounds. Not that I need them for ratings. But imagine a specific use case. I need to amend that post above.

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You are right it’s not possible. For the The app link pls scroll to the top. You can use the workarounds there or use @Jeff_Hager calendar app example.


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Did you imagine that you’d be using the phrase “sticking tolerance” when you woke up this morning? :laughing:



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Sorry I didn’t get this joke :flushed:

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Isn’t that in everybody’s daily vocabulary? :wink:


That’s what would be awesome for onboarding.
What I’m searchig for to avoid long text you have to scroll down to see.

You can do that with a button action, link to screen, this item.

First - it’s really good to see a CEO that is engaging with the users - well done!
Second - think about an app like google photos for instance - if you are on a single photo view - swipe right to next photo, swipe left to the previous one.

i don’t mind that the default is always “next item”, but would be nice if one of the programmable actions when swiping left could have been “go to previous item”

great app!