My Inline Swipe does not work anymore: stuck on 1st item while actually browsing throughout all items

I haven’t touched my app for months, here I noticed my inline Swipe (Planning Poker for Agile Teams) does not work anymore : it should shuffle from 0, 1/2, 1… to 100 and ?.
Which it does, as you can see the tags changing (top left of some Planning Poker cards), but the Item displayed seems to get stuck on the “0” (ie the 1st one in the table)

I created a brand new copy of my app in My Greatest S-Team. Access Public.

Here’s a Loom about my issue
& a screencap of my data

I tried to empty my Save column in case some refresh would be required.
What am I’m missing?

Thks all :cherry_blossom:
BTW I recorded my screen only, no audio.

OK, I figured it out.
For some reasons, I had (as I wrote in the title) an inline inside the Swipe, and that looks like a no go.
I found it cause I didn’t have the issue with another swipe in the same app.
But both are still displaying cards in who knows the order Glide wants.
So I’m keeping this issue open anyway.


So I just deleted the Inline List “Planning Poker” as shown in the screen cap

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Glad all resolved, @L.M :raised_hands:

not exactly, actually :innocent: Tom, since it’s still not showing in order, but very randomly.

Tenacity :cherry_blossom: is my second name. As well as Sleeping Dragon :dragon:. Literally

As Swipe Layout is one of the top 3 reasons I chose Glide… A bit sad if I have to switch to another layout to get things done, like the carousel cards.

Interested to learn how you’ve sorted the list. Can you share?

There’s no sort option in Swipe List. I had to sort in my table (as in top screen cap)

FYI “Tri” stands for “sort” in French :slight_smile: in the column with alpha values 000, 005, 01, etc. as months ago, sorting was only possible in alpha, not numbers

Interesting :thinking: Let me circulate with the team.

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Swipe sorts by oldest swipe date. If the date is empty, then I believe it uses sheet order, but once you have dates populated in the swipe date column, then the next card will always be the row with the oldest date. That has always been the case with the swipe layout. Swipe isn’t very good for linear navigation through the cards. If the dates are stable, then it can appear to work as expected, but once a date gets set that is out of order from the rest, then that can cause the cards to display in a different order. Something as simple as a daylight savings time change could cause that to happen. Due to the inability to use swipe to reliably navigate linearly through a table, I tend to avoid using it. You can kind of get around it by forcing the swipe list to swipe to the same row over and over, but add actions that will increment or decrement a number, so you can use relations and lookups to retrieve the values you need into that single row. I do something similar in my calendar app. Check out the swipe tab here . You’ll notice the swipe tab uses swipe, but it only ever shows one row. When you swipe, it swipes to the same row, but changes a number, which causes the whole table to reload with different values. You will notice the 1 second delay when you swipe and the underlying card updates.



Thks, Jeff :slight_smile: I kind of conciliate what @iamtomgray hinted with the “Sort” and an “educated guess” of the “don’t hope for more, Miss” behavior for swipe.
As you both can see if you open my app again, I created an alternate version with an inline card layout (yes, this time, I can choose whatever sort I would like, but my table is already doing the job).
It’s not swipe, but quite sexy (well, for now and if the CSS is eventually totally compatible), and with the bonus that the background is more blended than with the swipe layout. And it’s perfectly sequential.

I like the tech explanation with date (reminds me of some caprices of Lotus Notes I had to workaround with) even though I’m not happy with the logic behind. But that’s a smart close, and I’ll keep that in mind for future features that may mimic that logic!
And keep swipe only for really randomizing cards like flash cards.

What upsets me a little, now, is that with the inline card layout I can not longer search for a number, even if I try 000 instead of 0. While it was working fine with the swipe layout (in my Job interviews questions, when the randomizing is acceptable.

So, let me disagree without being disagreeable with this behavior, Gentlemen, and call it a day :slight_smile:

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Swipe does its own sorting, currently. But I’d deffo raise a feature requests, here. :raised_hands:


oh, I deffo (thk you Google) learn a new English expression here, thks for everything & the bonus, Tom.
Maybe if the Swipe can at least swipe sequentially by always starting from the 1st row in table, instead of saving last position would be an acceptable workaround and not too much effort to build sth reliable? ie. like cards can carousel, I can see no reason why swipe cannot. Provided we always start from row 1 no matter who the user is, logged or not. So 0 user data to store and manage. Just reset every time & that’s it?

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