Struggling with swipe cards, probably a silly mistake


I’m still (very obviously) learning! I have chosen Swipe cards as my display component for this table with about 12 rows:

Yet, somehow the card just doesn’t budge.It stubbornly shows me only the first row and doesn’t move. I know it must be something terribly simple I am missing, but hanged if I can figure it out :frowning:

Can someone please tell me?

I haven’t used the Swipe layout much, but my understanding is that it needs a date/time column to hold the Last Swipe Time - looks like you don’t have that?

Edit: yeah, the docs explicitly mention that a Last Swipe Time column is required…


Hi Darren, thanks so much for replying! I did see that page - but I’m not even trying to store the Last Swipe time/card place… I just want to swipe through events available. That’s not happening. I can see only the first event and that’s it. Does that mean I still have to force some kind of date stamp?

If you don’t set it, you can’t swipe :slight_smile:


Gack. Why is it so simple when one of you replies and I’m floundering for hours (or days) otherwise! Thanks a ton Darren!


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