How to do this in swipe

I’m having a image column that should just display that image in swipe to do this.

Do you mean you have an image that you want to display on the card in a swipe layout? You can just add an image component on the card.

Yes but the image is not coming.

Where do you store the image? Glide storage or somewhere else?

Glide table.the swipe layout is coming ,i gave left and right actions working but this images are not coming.

Can you attach a video or some screenshots to explain this?

Sorry I just put that tab as invisible.

But I need to know,

I need this swipe layout,but having 3 images

1 for left and 1 for right and one for center

If I swipe left it should show left image n show right image if i swipe right.

Is it possible.

Where do you want to “show” that image though? When you swipe, what exactly do you want to happen?

I don’t want to use inline list to show image.

But I need to show images in a swipe layout only.

If you swipe it should show a image say A,

If you swipe right it should show a image say B,

  • You described that your problem was that an image was not showing at all in your swipe list. You display an image by using an image component and pointing it to the column that contains the url of your image location.

  • You haven’t mentioned where your image is stored. You mentioned that you use a glide table instead of a google sheet, but that has nothing to do with image storage. Is your image stored in glide storage, google drive, Dropbox, imgur, cloudinary, or any other image storage service?

  • Now you have described a separate problem with swipe. The swipe layout does not swipe through previous and next rows in your data like you think it might. It does not move forwards and backwards. It only moves forward by looking at the column that contains your last swipe date. It will always swipe to the row that contains the oldest swipe date.

  • At this point I’m now confused, because I don’t know if your problem is an image not showing on the screen, or the swipe is not working as expected. This needs to be clarified, so we know what your real problem is. That’s why screenshots and videos are important. Otherwise we are trying to guess what your app looks like and trying to give solutions to something that might not even be the problem. In all honesty, I am much less likely to help with a question if it is not explained very well or I can’t understand it.