Swipe random


I have been using Glideapp for a short time.
I have a question: I want to make a game, with a set of questions to ask. I use the “swipe” style. I wrote all my questions on a tab. However, I would like the questions to be randomly ordered when displayed on the swipe (and not according to the order on the tab). How to do ?
thank you

The swipe layout will initially sort by sheet order, but once all of the swipe dates are populated, then the swipe will always swipe to the row with the oldest swipe date. In other words, it’s not going to work how you expect it to.

I think you would have to create a complex structure where your swipe list would always display a single row and continually swipe to that same single row. Then the swipe action would call an action that will change something, such as increment a number or cause a random number to recalculate in a column that could be used for a relation and a series of lookups or a series of single value columns that could then be used to retrieve a row from another table and display in the card. I don’t have an example of this, but maybe someone else has something that they could share.

The short answer is that the swipe layout is heavily reliant on the swipe date and always swiping to the row with the oldest date. If you had random swipe dates in each row, then it would swipe in the order of those dates, and replace the existing date timestamp with the current date timestamp. It’s not a linear swipe through rows, even though it might appear that way initially. For that reason, I’m not a big fan of how the swipe layout functions and I don’t really use it at all.