Changing the row order in a Glide Table

Hi I am trying to move rows in one table, how can I do it? I don’t seem to find anyway to do it…

I don’t think there’s a way to do it.

Ouch. Looks like I’m stuck then.

What’s your use case here? Or just simply data arrangement?

I’m using the swipe function and would want to change the swipe order.

@kingzy Swipe order discussed here too :arrow_down:

Thanks! But for now’ill move my google sheet rows in a God like manner.


Painful I know. Hope it goes well

Swipe isn’t designed to move linearly through rows. Once all rows have a swipe date filled, it will always swipe to the next oldest date. I wouldn’t waste too much time reordering your sheet, because once those dates are filled (hopefully you are using a user specific date column for that), then it’s going to default to that date order and will constantly be changing with every swipe. Unless your goal is to set an initial order before any dates are filled.

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Thanks Jeff, I realized it when I was testing last night. I may delete the all the last swipes as a method to ‘reset’ the row order.

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Check this out