Random Sort in Swipe style

I am trying to implement in swipe style the random order of rows. In a list style it is working good and easy as in the Inline/ options I selected “Sort Randomly”. But in the Swipe style I cannot find this sorting feature - not there nor anywhere. Can anyone suggest and help?

Thanks a lot!

There is no controllable sort in the Swipe style layout. It always looks for the oldest swipe date and the row with the oldest date will be the next card it swipes to.


Thanks Jeff. And there’s no hack for this random swipe? - it will be very dull to swipe in the same order time after time, isn’t it?

There is, but it’s a little more involved and it depends on how your data is set up. You can filter your list so only the first row is ever displayed. This will cause it to swipe to the same row every time. Then create a custom action so whenever you swipe, you set a column value or increment a value. This value is then used to set a single relation and a series of lookups that you can then display in your swipe card.

This isn’t an exact example, but I use a similar method in the swipe tab here. It not exactly a random swipe in my case, but maybe it will give you some ideas on how to structure things:

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Thank You so much Jeff!
I will try to understand it and look further into and to crack it.
Have a nice day!

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