Remove liked element from Swipe layout

I’m working on a dating app based on a Swipe layout.

The Swipe right and swipe left actions work as intended (add a row to the “Like” table or to the “Not interested” table), and then the next card appears.

However you can display details by touching a card. In the details view I placed a Like button which also adds a row to the Like table, but then when I go back to the Swipe screen, the same card is still displayed.

Is there a way to go back to the next card in the Swipe screen?

The data is filtered and if a card is in the Like" table, it should be filtered. It is filtered when I swipe right instead of touching the Like button in the details screen.

I tried actions “Shuffle” and “Go to screen” in various orders but it did not help.


That’s weird. Can you show us some screenshots or a video on how the swipe layout is configured?

Thanks a lot for helping.

Sure, here you go:
This is the swipe right action:

This is the Like Button action in the Details view (I have tried different things and left some of it so it is a bit cluttered right now):

Here are the filters of the Swipe element:

And here is a video of:

  • A Swipe Right (then the next card appears)
  • A click on the Like Button in the Details View (then I go back to the Swipe view and the same card is still here)
    [Edit: wrong video link!
    Correct video link:]
    - YouTube


Hi! So I realized that for the swipe to behave correctly you need to drag the card all the way out of the screen in Glideapps on the web, so there was not really a problem in the first place here.

Thanks for your replies!

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