If you swipe right, you cannot go backwards

It is an app that selects a logo by a majority vote. You can swipe left and right to select likes or favorites, but there are two problems.

  1. If you swipe right, you cannot go backwards.
  2. If the private is public, please do not sign in if you bookmark it. (It is cumbersome)

Swipe looks for the card that has the oldest swipe date. It does not work to swipe forwards and backwards.

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand. Can’t you show it as an image or video sample?

Read through this and see if it makes sense. Swipe does not work how many people think it would work.

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As Jeff said, there seems to be a misunderstanding regarding how swiping works right from the moment it is released.

It is not intended to be a layout where you goes through a list linearly (back and forward). It is intended to show one card at a time on the screen and apply two actions tied to the left swipe and right swipe actions.

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