Is there anyway to get the sort order of a list based on value to the maximum? With rollup, I can get the max, avg and min, but I’d love to get the RANK of a list based on these values. Sure, I can sort by the value in an inline list, but i wanted to retrieve the ordinal number of each row in this sorted list. I could always use a spreadsheet formula, but was hoping to avoid it.

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Could you describe your use case, please?

Why do I think that this sentence will be in A LOT of @Robert_Petitto’s posts from now on?? :slight_smile:


For leaderboards, I’d like to generate the ranking of users instantly. This is important when it comes to the aesthetics of the tab as I’d use a series of filters to make those ranked 1-3 more pronounced (larger tiles) than those ranked 5-__. Here’s a mockup:

Ah, that’s an interesting use case!

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Thanks. I’d also like to apply the rank number to the labels of the components as well.

This is the closest I could get on this one. I have 20 items and I do get a rank from 1 to 20, but it includes decimals, so it’s still not quite right. I imagine there is some kind of math formula to figure this out, but I’m not that smart. However, writing code, I could figure this out in a matter of minutes.

Info on the formula:

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Wow. Closer than I got! I was just going to do a spreadsheet formula and call it a day! :clap:

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Hehe, yeah, that’s probably the best option for now.