How to make a numbered leaderboard

I’ve watched Robert Petitto’s video on making leaderboards.

However, I’m not sure how to have the leaderboard numbered, where it shows who is 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.

I currently have what he has made, but I would like to add a numbered list essentially.

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The images represent the number, he probably made a column that listed the scores or rankings and simply sorted the list from lowest to highest or vice versa if it is a score.


Thanks for your help. However, my goal is to make the “Static Ranked Numbers” Column that you made using a formula.
How did you make that column?

Since the sheet that I’m using is always being updated, the rankings may change as well depending on user scores.

I don’t really need to sort the scores themselves in google sheets, since I can use glide to sort the score column for the user to see.

Try this maybe.

Yes, this is what I was looking for. Thank you.
However, I’m trying to use the rank function on a sheet that will always be able to add or remove users, so I’m not sure how to edit the formula to do this.

So essentially, there can be 15 rows in the future and I want the ranking column to be able to account for that.

Use an array formula and make sure in the formula it leaves a blank cell if there isnt a user for that row

Something like that. So when u add a row glide recognizes the row as empty then the array formula adds the values as needed.
You can also just have another sheet that pulls the data and matches and sorts so you dont have to worry about that.

I didn’t know Robert did tutorials as well. I might check them out sometime.

They are really helpful :slight_smile:

Well, him and I started Glide around the same time and it feels like we both know everything there is to know about Glide, he posts more frequently than I do unless I’m on vacation or something. But not to sound like an ass I haven’t come across something I’ve needed help on just yet.

I’m not sure how to do this with the rank function. Also, I have made it so there is no row that is empty.

Hey there … using a Rank formula is the way to go…you’ll just need to dynamically set the max number of rows by doing a count.

rank function? You just put the cell you are ranking 1st, then the range it is tested against, then ascending or descending
if you use 0 the largest value is ranked 1st if you use 1 then the smallest value is ranked 1st.

Then just have your images lookup rank number and retrieve corresponding image.

The problem I am facing is that the ranking column is based on a dynamic column that is always changing. Having C2:C6 would only work for C2:C6, but if new users were added, then it would then be C2:C20.

then use c2:c
it does everything from c2 and down

You see how I use that same idea in the arrayformula above. Never limit yourself to a set range, it gets you in trouble in the end.
So instead,

Then to remove errors use

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put this formula at the top of your list that ranks and your done.


keep in mind in my example im sorting my data from smallest to largest, otherwise it would show a more random set like this: