Create numeric order in glide sheets

This is more of a question than anything else. Has anyone come up with a way to create a numeric order in a column using just Glide sheets?

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To be more specific has anyone found a way say for example to number items in a list using only Glide sheets?

I wish we had this as a simple column option.

You could technically do it when adding new rows by passing a max value and write it to a new row along with an increment, but it’s a little clumsy and won’t renumber previous rows if you happen to delete a previous row.

If the values are only in Glide sheets how can you pass a max value to it? Let’s say your adding a row in forms, you add a numeric value thats not visible to the person entering in would you use a rollup column to get your max value that you have listed as max value and increment from the rollup and the rollup refers to the current values listed from a if then that displays a 1 if not empty a zero otherwise?

Like This?

Then increment from there?

I would either create a relation/rollup or a straight rollup on the user profile sheet or the sheet of the detail screen that contains the form button. You could probably then create a math column to add 1 to that rollup. Then pass it through column values in the form directly to the sheet that you are writing the form to.

Hmmmm…ok, how can I remove rows when they are done to prevent a ton of empty rows?

You mean when a row is deleted through the app? You’d have to run a script to compact the rows. Be careful though, I think it causes weird things to happen of someone is viewing the app when it’s ran.

I need to create a dynamic numeric order. I don’t think this will work.

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No, I want the entire system to exist only in Glide sheets. All formulas and actions are only in sheets. Nothing in Google.

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How are rows being added in this tab? Is it through a Glide form?

currently yes, but can be done otherwise, I’m just starting this idea.

The goal here is to create a dynamic looped timer that rotates people in a list that can also be removed and when removed the timer restarts. Or if the timer ends it rotates a name to the bottom and restarts on it’s own. It might take 30 columns to recreate this formula but I will get it figured out. I can do it in excel with 3 cells of 40 character long formulas, I can do it in sheets with the same, and it only takes 15 lines of code in google scripts. Glide is the next attempt.

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I thing Glide really needs to create a Rank function. Whether it is it’s own column type, or part of a Math, Rollup, or Single Value column. Something that just works similar to the RowID column and populates automatically.

It would also be nice to have options for dynamic renumbering when a row is deleted, as well as static numbers if you want the number to be permanent. Or base it off a relation to get a unique set of ranks within a group.

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I agree. I requested for a feature that we can make the if then else columns allow us to put compound actions as results of the if then else. That would literally make Glide the most powerful no code solution out there.

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Or maybe a “relate if” column which is similar to sumif and countif

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What would be the trigger to execute the compound action? Just a value change on the row or a change in the resulting condition of the IF THEN? Just brainstorming what would prevent the actions from running over and over again unnecessarily.

Yes. it could be anything, a value changing somewhere in another sheet, a file uploaded, a timestamp becoming 24 hours old, etc.

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@Manan_Mehta YES! I’ve wanted this so bad.

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@Drearystate I imagine it could almost follow similar behind the scenes logic of the API column.