RowID is great. Could REALLY use Row Number

Yes, this can be added in Google Sheets…would rather have a native solution. Just a simple 1 through X where X is the number of rows in the table. This would work REALLY well with the Single Value column.


@Robert_Petitto would be very beneficial e.g. when using increment action

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This would be fantastic for paging with increment. I’ve wanted to emulate @Krivo’s image pageing but with less complexity. I do it here, but with some sheet magic.

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I see that Row Numbers have been added to Glide Tables, which is great! Is there anyway to use them in the app, though? I’d like to display the number in the list view, and ideally would like to page forward and back using the numbers.

I was hoping for the same thing. @Jason ?

How would this work in coordination with say Row Owners?

Row numbers would be really useful for the transpose trick

Hm…good point. Dynamic row numbers based on who’s signed in?

would you actually want that?
depends what you’re doing with them, I guess…

Ya… no… wouldn’t really want that. Oh well.

Hi Jason, it’s really crucial function to have.

Just have cross-table row numbers. It’s okay that user doesn’t have access(and doesn’t see) e.g.orders #7, 10, 15. Everyone understands that system is used by many users and they create own records.

If business logic requires to keep numbers in secret, it’s okay to continue use Row IDs and don’t use Row Numbers.

But for all my real tasks, Row numbers are required(and I do them with GSheet script and have to deal with delay updating generated numbers back to Glide)

Hi @Jason - I often have the scenario where I need to store where a user has “got to” in a list of “stuff”. For example, to mark all items in a sheet as “read” I would store a timestamp in the user profile and compare this to a timestamp in a sheet row (which lets me effectively mark lots of things as read without the use of user-specific booleans). However when I am working with users in multiple timezones this stops working and I revert to maintaining a computed column for sequence and then storing the last sequence number. It’s pretty horrible. I just want to say “this user got as far as the Nth row”. So row numbers would be super useful in that scenario.

  1. RowID column
  2. Lookup to gather all rowIDs as an array
  3. Find Element Index column…
    Should I continue?)

Nice. If you were to continue…what more is there to say? :wink:

Nothing more, actually) Except I’m on fire (in a good meaning) right now because of finding a solution of one of the most painful Glide questions) No GoogleScript, no formulas, no delay. That just works, thanks to brilliant plugin columns :sparkles:


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