Increment + GSheets

Hi, I have a GSheets with unique number column. When adding a new row through Glide, I would like to increment the unique number by one. Increment Action doesn’t work, is it because its Gsheets?

Do you want to have row numbers? or counter?


there are 2 methods for that, add 1 to the max when creating a new row, or universal method to create a rank number… just look @Robert_Petitto tutorial video:

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thank you. ranked method seems to be overkill. I ended up creating a new Rollup column with max value, then added a new column that adds 1 to the Rollup column. Is that what you meant by add1 to the max?

yes… but this will give you a fixed number… so when you delete or move the row, it will not be a row number anymore

Yes, i want to a fixed number. Its a SKU number, so I want it to be static. So, it user adds a new product, I want SKU to increment.

then, adding 1 to the max number is the right method for you… you can use row ID for SKU, but it doesn’t look nice :wink:


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Please be aware that if two users submit a row too close to each other, you might end up with the same SKU.

Thanks, I think it will stick wit my method. It adds only two columns to the database.