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how to sort numbers from smallest to largest based on HARGA JUAL
in Ghseet I use the RANK formula,

As far as I’m aware, in Glide tables you never sort your rows. That’s done when displaying. You’ll see in collection components (eg list) you can sort the view by sheet order or by a column value.

Does that satisfy your need, to sort your list viewed in app?


If you do actually need to rank the data, then the new Query column will help you with that.

Thanks @Darren_Murphy
I’ve created a query column, next I want to create a dynamic label that determines the winning number, is there a way to do that?
I want to sort selling price from smallest to biggest, I want to use that for the title component

Thanks @MatthewS

is there a way for this?

is there a way for this?


If I were you, I’d do it this way:

  1. Lookup the Price column to get a Price array

  2. using the Sort Array plugin, sort Price[ ] column

  3. then, use Find Element Index plugin to build your ranking looking for each price in Price[ ] column

That’s all! :muscle:


Here’s an alternative with Query.

Use a query to sort based on the price.

Use a lookup to return the list of rowIDs based on the query.

Use “find element index” to return the index of the row.

Use a math column to return the final rank (index + 1, since index starts from 0)

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hi thin thanks for the response.
what if the case is like this:
Arisan group column
KELOMPOK 1 has 5 different prices and has a rank from 1 to 5
KELOMPOK 2 has 7 different prices and has a rank from 1 to 7

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Adjust your query so that “Kelompok arisan” equals to this row > “Kelompok arisan”. Then everything else should follow.

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Wow amazing
thank you very much @ThinhDinh , this method works
and thank you very much for your help… @Darren_Murphy @gvalero

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