Slow update of app data & Google Script

Hi !
Enjoying very much Glide, I’m trying to push it to the limits :fist_right: and I built a nice & simple shopping app.

However I am facing slow updates causing poor UX. :cry:

Context as a user :
I can add different items to my basket.
I can confirm my basket to create an order.
I can have a list of all my previous orders.

Once I confim my basket and create an order (through form button), I have a google script running that empties the basket (and so delete rows on spreadsheet).
As you can see on following GIF, the basket takes time to be empty (>1minute).


  1. Is that expected behavior ? Changes by Google Script are not detected by Glide ?
  2. Would the update be instanteneous with Glide Pro ?
  3. Do you have any advice to bypass the problem ? Tech or UX.

Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile: :pray: ! Glide rocks :love_you_gesture:

Yes, this is expected behavior. I think Glide will check the sheet for update quickly after something changes, or within a few minutes if you have a pro account with background refresh enabled. Beyond that Glide will only be notified of updates from google periodically at the mercy of google. Sometimes quickly, and sometimes after a few minutes.

You would be better off building as much into Glide as possible by adding a relation from the basket to the order sheet. If a matching relation is found, then you can filter out records that are in the basket. The only problem is you will need some kind of unique value on each basket item that will match the order.

There have been a few similar discussions in the forum.