"Show detail" screen not saving data?

Pls do, this is driving me nuts…

You don’t think I should rather do an “Open New view” instead of edit in “Detail View”

I have experienced a similar situation, namely editing the wrong user email through the application and failing, but I haven’t tested it again.
Another thing is when we change the status of the row owner in your Data Editor, you will see that the reaction is very slow and sometimes it seems to hang (note that I am using Google Sheets).
I ignore these symptoms because I rarely edit them.
Perhaps you can test it more thoroughly if this is indeed true and important for you.

New Screen just means you get a completely independent screen design layout. Detail Screen means the design layout is linked to the table, so you can refer to that same layout throughout your app.

You can change it if you want but it should not make a difference. Either way the screen is attached to the same rows of data. If it does work, then that means there is some kind of bug with your Detail Screen or components, but that would be something for Glide to dig into and fix.

Yeh this is getting me concerned. What is the best way to raise this with Glide team

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I find that quite harsh, that even though I’m a paid customer, I still can’t contact support for a pretty serious issue… ?? I am starting to lose my trust in Glide here.

Which Plan do you have?
Did you try opening a ticket?

I think those instructions might need updating, as I’m pretty sure with the new pricing plans all paid plans are entitled to Glide Support.

I’m on Maker Plan and no option for support from within app ???

Or help docs

hmm, something not adding up there. The Pricing Page on the website clearly indicates that Glide Support is available on the Maker Plan.

Leave this with me, I’ll see if I can get clarification.

Tx Darren :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

Have you tried the question mark button in the bottom right corner of your dashboard?


haha yes, of course!

Okay, those instructions definitely need updating. I’ll do that shortly.


Just to loop back to the main problem

I turn off admin in Editor for Addai

Go to live web browser and it’s still on

Visa versa for Lisa

I turn on in Editor

and it doesn’t turn on

Ahh thanks. I didn’t notice it as I was using old instructions.

I posted now

I tested it with three applications arranged with two of the same browsers and one builder, the result is not the same where there is always a delay of about 5-10 seconds and sometimes it doesn’t turn on continuously.
In this case, I usually ask my users to close and reopen the application again to update the settings I made.

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Tx for the effort here

However it’s just not ideal to ask user to close and reopen a browser
I hope they find a fix for this

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Posted to support on 9 May, still haven’t heard a thing? is there a way to escalate to them?

You should have received an email with an acknowledgement and a ticket number shortly after submitting. Did you get that?

Yip see below

Interesting, they have me as “Starter” in email
However I am paying for "“Maker” ?

Okay, what you can do is reply to that email and ask for an update.