Can not save the changes in edit mode

Button “done” is inactive in edit mode. No field is required, user can add new item or delete the old one. What’s the problem? Any help is much appreciated:)

Are there any components hidden by visibility?

What happens if you type 3 or 4 character in each entry field.

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No component is hidden. The number of characters doesn’t solve the problem.

What is the type of column you are trying to fill?
What is your datasource (ex. Glide, Google, Airtable, Excel)?
Do you have any On Submit actions? If so, what does the action look like?

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Just simple text, phone, email entries in glide tables, no submit actions, I have made another table as datasource (exactly the same) and it is working, I can edit and save edition. It’s hard for me to understand what has hapened with previous glide table…

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anyway thank you

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I’ve got it. I’ve added another column “user” and have made it as row owner. That is why button “done” changed to inactive. What should I do instead to have row owners of new items?

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So it started working AFTER you added a Row Owner column or before you added Row Owners? Trying to make sense of it.

If you were already on that screen when you added Row Owners, and you weren’t previewing the app as the owner of that row, then maybe I could understand why the Submit button didn’t work. Under normal circumstances, there would be no way for you to navigate to a row that you did not own.

Are you previewing the app as a specific user or are you previewing as ‘Anyone’?
I see that your user column does not have an email in it, so when you add Row Owners, it becomes an unowned row, but like I said, normally you wouldn’t be able to navigate to that detail screen to edit the row…unless you were already on that record in the editor. Maybe you are stuck in a scenario that wouldn’t happen in real life since you are still making major changes to your app.

If things get weird, especially when the adding or removing of Row Owners is involved, sometimes it’s best just to refresh your browser and maybe exit to the glide dashboard and go back in to edit the app. Row Owners in the builder is kind of in a flux situation where all the data is available in the data editor, but the app interface should respect row owners. In the published app, unowned rows wouldn’t be downloaded to a user device in the first place, so it usually works as intended.