Image component blocks Edit Form

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Describe the bug:
When add an Image component on the Edit form, the form becomes unapprovable at all.

Expected Behaviour:
Image component should not affect on save button.

How to replicate:
Make Edit form for Glide table, add Image component, apply it to any field


are you using the row owner column? did you try to reload the editor?

I removed row owner column.

Yes, I tried to reload and create new

Please submit a new ticket for the support team if the problem has not been solved. Thank you!

Support reply was:
Glide’s support for Free, Basic, or Starter plan apps is our Community Forum.

I think it’s due to Glide Table.

So you are using Glide Tables and it does not work, but it might work for other types of databases (Sheets, Airtable, Excel)?