Image component not working

Hello everyone. I got a problem.
The Image component is not working properly in my app. The chosen image is not being showed by the Image component. I think it is a bug beacuse if I choose the very same image link in the Title component, the image is shown without problems.

Hola @Gabriel_Bertolucci,

Have you checked if you have some sort of filter in the image component?

Have you tried refresh the editor?

I hope this helps.

Hi @SantiagoPerez!
Well said, I forgot to highlight that there aren’t any visibility conditions or filters in the Image component. Thank you!

About the editor, the situation is this since days ago, I have already edited and refresehd the editor and spreadsheet many times.

Ok, one more thing. Have you tried changing your column form a link to an image column? This is done inside Glide, click on the column then Edit. I had a similar problem and when I changed the column I realized the link wasn’t showing as an image.

Well, I’ve done this link-to-image change and got the same result as you: the link wasn’t showing as image in the Data tab, then I changed it back to “link”. So what did you do after this?
Thanks again!

I used a different link to a different image.

Unfortunately I can’t use different images :(. I always used the Image component without problems, it used to work, but some day it simply stopped showing the images, that once were there already.