Image Component Not Showing

The image component does not show up as an option for a given sheet when using a user-specific image column.

If I add a non-user specific image column, it appears as an option.

Can you describe your use case here? You want a user-specific column to hold an image?

User-specific columns are designed to hold “Basic” column types only:

I think you can achieve the same result by creating a regular column in your users sheet, put the link to the image there, and then define the image component visibility to email is signed-in user. Does that work for you?

@ThinhDinh I believe “Image” is a basic column type. Glide currently allows it on my end.

@Ofer_Chama I am able to create a workaround. I was really just posting here to report the issue to glide staff.

Sorry my mistake for missing that. What is your workaround? I believe Ofer’s way would work the way you want.

Admittedly I have never used image in a user-specific column, I would just filter things by signed-in user or assign a row owner column.

@ThinhDinh I just created a blank non user-specific image column. Then all the options for image based components show up.

I tried to reproduce your problem but I’m getting it normally here.

Is there any different problems at your end or am I missing something?